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Scott Smith, Program Director ... 730.7385
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Russell Stephens, K-6 District Contact ... 730.7691
Maria Figueroa, Secretary ... 730.7586
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~ The Purpose of Instructional Materials ~ Roles & Duties of Key Personnel
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"The Governing Board recognizes that students' educational opportunities are enhanced when they have sufficient access to high-quality textbooks and other instructional materials" - BP 6161

It is important to distinguish the curriculum from the textbook. The curriculum for Visalia Unified School District is the comprehensive set of Essential Standards and Benchmarks. Textbooks and supporting instructional materials are tools that support the achievement of these standards. Teachers are charged with the task of selecting the most appropriate tool and skillfully applying it to support the success of each child under their care.

The Visalia Unified School District has adopted a base program of textbooks and instructional materials that serve as the founding set of tools for all students and teachers. VUSD is committed to supplying this base program for all students and teachers.


Principal - Appoint a textbook coordinator at the beginning of each year. Know what materials are designated base program. Follow the progress of any adoption.
         Main contact personScott Smith (7385).

Textbook Coordinator (TC) - Appointed by the site principal to serve as point-of-contact at the site for all instructional material questions/concerns. Attend the annual TC meeting in September and other meetings as necessary. Become familiar in detail with the name and publisher of all base program materials including both student and teacher resources. The TC also maintains the site inventory of all instructional materials and takes the appropriate action for lost or damaged materials.
         Main contact person Russell Stephens (7591) for K-6 material requests
                                                 Jayne Forbes (7472) for 7-12 material requests
                                                 Scott Smith (7385) for problems, concerns, or general questions.

Elementary - Complete Inventory Excel Files for each grade level and submit files to Scott Smith at the end of September and end of June. Material requests are emailed to Russell Stephens.

Secondary - All instructional material inventory is maintained on InfoCenter with oversight by Jayne Forbes. The 7-12 TC works with department chair to verify student material need and submits requests to Jayne Forbes. Requests are filled from stock or new items are processed through district requisition procedures. Shipping is directed to school site in TC name. TC receives materials and confirms with Library Technician that order is complete, submit orange requisition form to finance with copy to Jayne Forbes. Library Technician processes materials before sending to department chair for distribution.

Library Technician (7-12) - Library technician verifies order is complete and follows up with vendor on any order not complete. Aid processes each book into InfoCenter and distributes order to department chair.

Department Chair (7-12) - Each department chair keeps track of instructional material needs for their department. Each chair coordinates need with the site TC and works with the TC to ensure all classrooms within a department

Teacher - Attend textbook training when appropriate. Study the textbook and supporting materials to plan how to appropriately use these tools to support student success. Monitor usage and report damaged or lost books to the Textbook Coordinator.
         Main contact personTextbook Coordinator

Shipping/Receiving Clerk (Russell Stephens) - Housed at the VLC; track distribution of all K-8 textbooks. Support distribution of materials to site as needed. Know what materials are designated base program. Maintain K-6 student stock supply.
        Main contact person:  Scott Smith (7385)

Director of Instructional Technology (Scott Smith) - Housed at the VLC; Oversee the textbook division and all related operations.
        Main contact person:  Myron Sheklian (7515)

Supervisor of Curriculum (Linda Bastrire, K-6; Stacey Curschman-McNinch, 7-12) - Housed at the EOC; know what materials are designated base program for assigned grades/subjects. Coordinate primary adoption process. Organize and promote appropriate training. Maintain awareness of upcoming adoptions and material changes.
         Main contact person Russell Stephens (7591) for K-6 material requests
                                                 Jayne Forbes (7472) for 7-12 material requests
                                                 Scott Smith (7385) for problems, concerns, or general questions
                                                 Maria Figueroa (7586) for lost/damaged payments

VUSD Board Policies

California Education Code

The key sections of the California education code guiding instructional materials are outlined below. Click on the code to review the specific law. Other education code can be searched from the following site: (http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html)

  • 60605 – LEA must spend funds to purchase materials subsequent to content standard adoption cycle.
  • 60200 – K-8 materials purchased must be adopted by SBE
  • 60400 – 9-12 materials purchased must be adopted by local board.
  • 60119 – “LEA will hold annual public hearing and adopt a resolution to ‘ensure all students have or will have by years end sufficient instructional materials within the cycles of the curriculum frameworks.’”
  • 60242 – “District superintendent must provide written assurance that all purchases of instructional materials conform to SBE adoption. Sufficient books must be provided in all four core subject areas (History-99/05, Science-00/06, Math-01/07, Language Arts-02/08).
  • 60422(a) – District must use funds to “ensure that each pupil is provided with a standards-aligned textbook or basic instructional materials as adopted by SBE. Districts have 24 months to purchase materials after the day they were adopted by SBE.
  • 60422(b) – Remaining funds may be used for any of the following:
    • Supplemental materials and technology-based materials
    • Tests
    • Textbook repair
    • In-service training related to the instructional materials purchased
    • Classroom library materials for K-4.
  • 60510-11 – Donation or Sale of obsolete materials



o        Myron Sheklian Area Administrator (7515)

o        Scott Smith, Director of Instructional Technology (7385)

o        Russell Stephens, Shipping/Receiving Clerk (7691)

o        Jayne Forbes, 7-12 Library Media Manager (7472)

o        Adelle Abad, IMFRP Budget Analyst (7369)

o        Maria Figueroa, textbook secretary (7586)


o        Susan Martimo, CDE (916.319.0446)

o     David Almquest, CDE (916.319.0444)

o        Williams Questions (916.319.0821)


Vendor (Please defer to Scott Smith for all vendor questions/concerns)


Textbook Adoption Schedule


CDE Web Resources

VUSD Base Program

The Visalia Unified School District is committed to providing instructional materials for all students and teachers (Ed Code 60119 ). Base program for all four core content areas is defined by the list of student materials by grade and subject matter that each child has unique access to. In the event that such materials are not available, notify the site Textbook Coordinator (TC).

For K-8, the base program student materials in the four main content areas are outlined in the following two documents:

K-6 Base Program   |   7-8 Base Program

K-6 ELA Houghton Mifflin
  Math Houghton Mifflin
  History Harcourt Brace
  Science Macmillan
7-8 ELA McDougal Littel
  Math Prentice Hall/Holt
  History McDougal Littel
  Science Glenco
9-12 see course outlines  

General Procedures

Per education code 60119, the local board will annually adoption all textbooks and instructional materials currently being used in the K-12 base program. Director of Instructional Technology will initiate BIA in August and preside during board action.

TEXTBOOK COORDINATOR (2009-10 contacts)

Each year, the Director of Instructional Technology will request that each site designate a Textbook Coordinator (TC). The TC will oversee the procurement, inventory, and distribution of textbook materials at their site. The TC will monitor site systems to ensure book inventory is current and book recovery procedures are enforced. The TC will be the point of contact with the district shipping/receiving clerk (Russell Stephens).

The Director of Instructional Technology will meet with this team on an annual basis or more often if needed to coordinate textbook services and procedures throughout the district.

When the district embarks on a new adoption, the following procedures will be implemented.

Adoption Coordinator

  • Adoption Coordinator (Linda Bastrire, K-6 Curriculum Coordinator or Stacey McNinch-Curschman, 7-12 Curriculum Coordinator) will oversee the adoption process. Duties include:
    • Regular updates to Curriculum Division, Area Administrators, Principals, and Textbook Clerk
    • Organize Adoption Committee
    • Organize vendor presentations
    • Oversee Committee work
    • Board communications (adoption process, committee/public comment, recommendation)


  • In the best case scenario, new materials should be adopted and delivered to teachers by the end of their school year so they can review the material and plan to incorporate it into their next school year. As such, the following timeline should be sought:
    • December - Adoption Committee established
    • January - Board announcement
    • February - Material display and vendor presentations
    • March - Committee work completed
    • March - Board presentation and adoption
    • Mid April/May - Ordering complete
    • June/August - Distribution complete

Adoption Committee

  • Site principals will appoint teacher representation to establish an Adoption Committee
  • Adoption Committee will include Director of Instructional Technology, the Textbook Clerk, and any other representation deemed important from the Curriculum Division and Area Administration Division.
  • Coordinator will organize one or more vendor presentations, mindful that all VUSD employees are prohibited from receiving vendor perks that might influence selection.
  • Committee members are requested to share vendor information to their respective staff members and gather input from colleagues at the site.
  • Coordinator will organize debate and discussions on adoption choices. Committee comments will be collected and synthesized by coordinator to be included in board presentation.
  • Committee will vote on publisher. Majority will rule.
  • Coordinator will work with the committee to determine the list of materials within the adoption to be designated "base program" and those items that would be considered "supplemental."

Public Input

  • Adoption Materials will be on public display outside the Board Room of the Education Complex, at the Visalia Learning Center, and at the Tulare County Office of Education Resource Center at least four weeks prior to board adoption.
  • An input box for public comment will be made available at each location.
  • Coordinator will synthesize public comments to include them in board presentation.

Board Communication and Action

  • Board announcement outlining local adoption procedures will be made three months prior to board adoption. Coordinator initiates BAI.
  • Coordinator will make a board presentation that includes synthesized comments from public and adoption committee as well as publisher recommendation.
  • Board adoption is required for all base textbook adoption. Coordinator initiates BAI.

Initial Order and Distribution

  • The Curriculum Division in coordination with the Area Administrators and principals will determine the number of school to be included in the initial adoption.
  • Selected schools will submit quantity estimates of student materials and teacher materials. Estimates will reflect best guess on next year's enrollment by grade level including combination and special day classes.
  • Area Administrators will review the numbers and submit to the Textbook Clerk.
  • Textbook Clerk will order classroom sets of books to secure companion teacher resources. If the number of students exceed a classroom set, then additional classroom set will be ordered to supply the need and house remainder in Stock.
  • On large initial adoption orders, the Director of Instructional Technology will coordinate with the Director of Purchasing to establish a timeline and system to receive and distribute materials.

Initial Staff Training

  • Adoption Coordinator will organize a series of training venues for the newly adopted materials.


How do I order additional ADOPTED textbooks (K-6)?
Due to enrollment growth or class configuration changes, additional materials may be needed. In this event, please do the following:

  1. Verify the need with site Textbook Coordinator (TC). TC is the sole contact to Textbook Clerk.
  2. TC complete form (click here) and email form to Russell Stephens.
  3. Order must be received by noon Thursday for Stock orders to be delivered by Friday.
  4. Shipping/Receiving Clerk will notify TC if delay is expected.
  5. If order can not be completed through Stock, a requisition will be made. Expect 2 weeks for delivery unless otherwise noted.
  6. Site Secretary or TC must sign for delivery and keep copy for site records. Shipping/Receiving will return signed copy for file at VLC.
  7. ORDERS DIRECTLY FROM PUBLISHER: If textbook orders arrive directly from publisher, check each shipment against against packing slip and against original Requisition to verify that the order is complete.
    1. COMPLETE ORDER: If the order is complete, the send the "site copy" of Requisition, signed Orange slip, AND packing slip to Russell Stephens for payment processing. Russell files copy and sends Orange slip to Accounts Payable department.
    2. INCOMPLETE OR DISCREPANCY ORDERS: TC confirm discrepancy and reconcile with publisher. Request assistance (Scott, Jayne, Maria or Russell) if needed.

How do I order NON-ADOPTED supplemental instructional materials?
Supporting materials not under the base program list may be purchased with site funds. Sites must process their own orders and follow consistent inventory procedures.

How do I know the supplemental materials is legal to use?
Determine if the item is compliant using the following CDE Website:


How do I get a replacement textbook?
If a book is lost or damaged, please notify the Textbook Coordinator (TC) at the site. The TC will e-mail request to district contact (Jayne Forbes, 7-12 or Russell Stephens, K-6). A replacement will be delivered.

Who pays for the replacement?
The Student is to be charged for lost/damaged materials. Please make your best attempt to recover this cost (refer to the base program list for price). Complete the “lost or damaged textbook bill” (click to download), give a copy to the parent, keep a copy for the school records, and send a copy with payment to: Maria Figueroa, Visalia Learning Center. Checks should be made payable to Visalia Unified School District. The State Department requires the district to maintain this form as proof that recovery cost was attempted.

Who gets the replacement money?
Send the replacement money (check or currency) to the district office; Attention: Sharon Larson (slarson@visalia.k12.ca.us). If the book is returned after the payment is made, the parent will need to be reimbursed. Send Maria Figueroa a copy of the original form indicating that the book was returned and that a reimbursement to the parent needs to be made. Maria Figueroa will issue a GS1 to have a check sent to the parent for reimbursement.


In accordance with Board Policy 3270, district-owned books that become obsolete are to be declared such by one of four criteria.

  • Information is outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete

  • More recent versions or editions are preferred and existing material shows no foreseeable value in other instructional areas.

  • Materials contains demeaning, stereotyping or patronizing references.

  • Damaged beyond repair.

Board will designate a list of materials as obsolete or withdrawn. Director of Instructional Technology will initiate the BIA and represent the board action.

Following the board action, the Textbook Coordinator will oversee that all withdrawn or obsolete materials are stamped "withdrawn" or "obsolete" on the inside cover and binding. Each site has one or more of these stamps. Additional stamps can be ordered through Office Depot.

Materials are then discarded in the following manner:

  1. Offer materials to students for home study.

  2. Offer materials to private schools and home school families.

  3. Offer the materials to non-profit organizations.

  4. Contact Tulare County Recycling
    Phone:  741.1766
    Address:  26951 Road 140 (off of Lovers Lane one mile south of Caldwell)
    Please note

    1. place them in small boxes (e.g. case of paper)

    2. deliver discarded materials ... or ...

    3. if amount of materials is beyond your custodial capacity to discard, contact Russell Stephens to schedule a district truck. Have your small boxes located in a convenient place for Russell Stephens to receive.

Per Education Code 60511, materials may be sold to any agency as long as the agency assures in writing that the materials will not be further sold to any other agency or institution. Fund received from this sale are to be directed back into the district's Instructional Materials Fund budget: Attention: Sharon Larson.


If a K-6 site has excess materials, e-mail Russell Stephens the title and quantity of each item. Russell will coordinate pick up time. Place materials in small boxes located in a convenient place for Russell Stephens to receive.



The district maintains a textbook stock room at East Union school. This room holds a stock of all student materials deemed base program for grades K-6. Teachers who need student materials must notify their site TC who then email's Russell Stephens their need. Russell Stephens fills stock requests each Friday. Stock is received under the supervision of the site TC.


Four student items of each series/subject/grade may be kept on hand to fill orders based on immediate growth/replacement.


Each secondary school stores their own stock on site and maintains a clear inventory of stock in the InfoCenter system.


Textbook inventory is important to maintain the integrity of the materials and to insure that every student has sufficient materials to access the base program and all teachers have the recommended instructional support materials to ensure their success. The Textbook Coordinator at each site will oversee the textbook inventory procedures developed specific to their site. All books must be stamped specific to each site.


For K-6, this inventory must include a list of materials assigned to each classroom under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher. Each classroom teacher is responsible for assigning each student the appropriate student textbook in each subject area. Each book must include student name and book condition. Non-consumable student books must be assigned to each student with their name in the book binding and a clear record denoting which book was issued to which student. A copy of such record must be maintained by the site TC. If books change sites, then replace stamp marking with new site mark.


Each TC must maintain un updated Inventory Excel File for each grade level. The files will be emailed to Scott Smith at the end of September and June.


K-6 Inventory Excel Files (FAQ)

For 7-12, this inventory must include all materials assigned to student or staff through InfoCenter.



The following items may be purchased through the VUSD print shop. Requested items should be made through the site Textbook Coordinator and purchased with site funds.

  • Math Flash Cards - addition, subtraction, multiplication ($0.46 each)

  • Math Flash Cards - division ($0.41 each)

  • Hot Dog Practice - 1/2 sheet ($0.99 each)

  • Copy Cat ($1.57 each)

  • Printing with Pooh ($1.16 each)

  • Writing with Tigger ($0.84 each)

  • Rosalie S Bishop Handwriting - Grade 3 only ($1.12 each)

  • Visalia: Things you should know textbook - Grade 3 only ($0.82 per book)

  • Visalia:  Things you should know workbook - Grade 3 only ($0.82 per book)

  • My working Dictionary - Grade 1-3 only ($0.45 each) 


The textbook division supports the production and distribution of report cards for grades K-6. Russell Stephens (7691), Shipping/Receiving Clerk, coordinates with Susan Prieto (7555), Curriculum secretary to submit printing order in August. The order is sorted by grade level and school. They are distributed to sites prior to each trimester.


All requisitions related to instructional materials of base program will be reviewed and signed by the Director of Instructional Technology.

Paper Trail
A copy of each GS1 and attached e-mail request is filed by school. Once the GS1 has been processed into a PO, a copy will be attached to the corresponding GS1. When the order has been received, the PO and attachments will be re-filed by school in "completed orders" file.

K-12 Budget Numbers

  • K-12 SACS - 010.71560.0.11100.10000.41000.000.0000.425


Base program materials are tracked by site. An Excel file is set up for each school. This file includes total quantity of materials ordered/delivered, CBEDS, PO #’s, order dates, filled dates, cost. The textbook clerk updates these files with supervision access by the Director of Instructional Technology, Curriculum Coordinators and Area Administrators.


A copy of each order is filed by site in the textbook clerk office. Pending orders are filed separately from completed orders. At the end of the school year, all orders are boxed and stored at the VLC. For tracking and auditing purposes, orders are maintained for six years at East Union.


A yearend report will be prepared that outlines the total amount of materials ordered. This report will be distributed to the Area Administrators.


   Annie R. Mitchell, Crowley, Fairview, Four Creeks, Highland, Houston, Ivanhoe, Veva Blunt, Washington



AR 1312 - Principal Instructions  |  AR 1312.4

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Williams Complaint Form (English  |  Spanish)

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